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Gretchen is an innovative company that designs handbags, clutches and assessors. Our products have won multiple times international awards. Gretchen is yousing only the best and exclusive materials that are manufactured to top products in Spanish and Italian manufactures.

Because of that Gretchen was able to settle down among other top brands, both national and international.

Gretchen Fashion - Luxuary Bags, Clutches and Asseoirs. Shop now!
Stilvolle Sommerhandschuhe
Gretchen Sommer Handschuhe
Stilvolle Rücksäcke
Gretchen Rücksäcke
Shop Luxury Fashion by Gretchen! Discover Luxury Design Bags, Gloves and...
Discover Outstanding Designer Bags, Clutches and Weariables from Gretchen....
Stilvolle Bauchtaschen
Gretchen Bauchtaschen
Gretchen is a German Based Label that Designs High Quality Products.Produced...
Gretchen is a German Based Label that Designs High Quality Products.. Produced in Italy and Spain the Brand Runs Multiple Stores and Offers Hand Made Bags, Shoes and Asseoirs.
Jetzt Gretchen Handtaschen kaufen
Gretchen kaufen
Stilvolle Portemonnaies
Gretchen Portemonnaies
Outstanding Design and Fashion from Gretchen - Bags, Clutches, Gloves and...
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